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GP7A News: Reports from the City and County of Denver. FSBOC is a proud sponsor of the Marcus Giavanni Show.
For Sale By Owner Company is located inside the "Equtiable Building" on the corner of Storu and 17th St., Denver Colorado 80202.
The Equitable Building was the tallest skyscraper in the city nd county of Denver, in 1892. Standing at a whopping 9 stores. 

Equitable Building: 730 17th St Denver 80202-3580

GP7A News: Rpeorts are the The "Equitable building was built in 1892. And

was the tallest, building in Colorado at 11 stories. Finding the Equitable Building in Downtown Denver is remarkable. And we are on the 9th floor.

720-383-5140 FSBOC.

We would Like to thank Independent Talk 1100 KFNX

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MAYOR2019.COM GP7A News: Did you hear about "Who will be the next Mayor of Denver" or MAYOR2019.COM

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Marcus Giavanni Show embodies those characteristics, along with many others, making us one of the more respected talk radio format show. For more than a decade, we've worked with private individual, corporate clients, and legal agencies on a range of business matters. When it comes to a full services SEO and SMO Optimization Services through, SMO Worldwide. We will be going back on air. 

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GP7A News: "Marcus Giavanni: is a "Google+ Conversation Authority", Google+ Conversation Authority Entrepreneur, and a people's Politician. Marcus Giavanni ran for "Mayor of Denver" in 2011, and in 2015, I came in second with8% of the vote. as a write in candidate (Don't laugh, this is how he learns the process, and since the City and County of Denver. Is being monopolized by the Democrat Leadership, and supposed 5013c nonprofit organazations.

Who are these organazations, who are true mouth pices for the Denver, Democrat Party. This Monopoy has been going on for at least 30 years. By "League of Women Voters Denver" (LWV-Denver), "League of Women Voters Colorado"  (LWV-Colorado), "League of Women Voters United Sates of America", (LWV-USA). Also, include the Sock Monkies of "Denver Inc, Inter Neighborhood Cooperation; who's president Larry Ambrose" ran as a write in candidate in the "Denver Mayor Elections".

When Larry Ambrose was asked. Why no "Denver Mayor Debates", even to the constituents who wrote Larry Amnrose name on the ballot. even thes "Denver Voters" wanted to see their "Denver Mayoral Canddiate" write-in Larry Ambrose., battle Denver Mayor Michael Hanckcock, and Denver Mayor Candidae Marcus Giavanni. 

In fact, "Denver Decides" and "Denver 8 TV" arer also ones that said no to the Denver Mayorl Debates and Fourmns for the Denver General Elections for 2015. Everyone put the blame on the League of Women Voters , as the ones publicly coming out against the "2015 Denver Mayoral Debates and Forums).

Marcus Giavanni is a Non-Partisina, Independent registered Voter; who is a constution concervitie, that sides on socail issues efecting all citizens.

Marcus Giavanni has staretd Art Galleries Denver in the hopes to change the perception of the World. That Colorado is not a violent place to visit or live. Art Galleires Denver will feature 9 virtual locations for Antique Stores, Art Galleries, Businesses, and Restaurants in the city and county of Denver.

We help local companies attract visitors coming to the city and county of Denver (Denver).


"Westword Artopia 2018: GP7A News and Events

Published Feb 5, 2018 5:39 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City and County of Denver | The Church | VIP Sold Out General Admission

When an Anonymous Fake Complaint can be filed against anyone. For any reason, leaving the anonymous, hidden from the rest of the Investigation. Whilst, DORA Investigators, send out their operatives. To gather, interview, find, anyone, anything, fake, bias, or otherwise. Some Voters have said, and have complained on the Google Search page. One you understand DORA, you’ll understand the rest of Colorado, and those coward leaders who let. Habitual offenders of filing false ligations against. Innocent individuals, and/or companies.  

On December 5, 2016, I received a letter form DORA, and the investigator. Who just a week, before. During a recorded interview (Both side where recording). To which, I hung up on this investigator, when I realized, this investigator was trying to trick me. And I told her during this long interview, “You keep asking me the same question, but in different structured titles. You all are going to have to do what you must do. I’m not having any fun anymore, cooperating with you”.” Click 

 Then 5 days later, I receive the letter below. DORA Colorado was Published Sep 6, 2017 6:30 Am by Marcus Giavanni, with GP7A News, nonpartisan, International News, located where, United States. The Where, in the beautiful state of Colorado. Direct from the (Capital), capitol City and County of Denver. Did you know, that the Marcus Giavanni Show, was sponsored by the For Sale By Owner Company.  DORA Investigation is spelled out in their letter to me. After Denver Law Firm, the Anonymous Tipster. We know who it is, and when I’m Mayor of Denver for 2019. Some heads are going to roll. The next Governor of Colorado front runner 2018 will have to address this issueless for sure. Department of Regulatory Agencies Anonymous tips. Bullshit~! 

June 2016 to December 2016 We lost other potential sponsors. So, I diced to run for 2019 Mayor. #TaptheVote

 -Marcus Giavanni


DORA Colorado: Who is the Department of Regulatory Agencies Anonymous Fake Complaints

Published Sep 6, 2017 6:30 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | International News | United States | Colorado | City and County of Denver | Marcus Giavanni Show | For Sale By Owner Company | Sponsor | DORA Investigation | Denver Law Firm the Anonymous Tipster | June 2016 to Decmeber 2016  

"GP7ANews: Folks, I can't make this up, if I wanted to. Why would I. The powers of DORA Colorado. What? Who is the Department of Regulatory Agencies located in Denver Colorado 560 Broadway #250, Denver, CO 80202. It’s been known over the years. If you want to stop an opponent, use the resources of the state of Colorado; filled with Democratic Operatives. Willing to use their authority, based on the anonymous tips, from more operatives. To silent, and put out of business, individuals, and companies they feel, are a threat.  

"Department of Regulatory Agencies City and County of Denver. The day after inauguration, I am coming for you ALL!  Mayoral Candidate 2019. 

Who is Running for Colorado Governor in 2018: Marcus Giavanni Show The Next Colorado Governor is ...

Published Feb 5, 2018 7:12 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Governor of Colorado 2018 | Who Governor | What Governor | Candidates | Running | Colorado's Governor | Front Runners | Steve Barlock Republican Candidate | Cary Kennedy Democratic Candidate | No way | Wrong Choice | Victor Mitchell Republican Candidate | Doug Robinson  Republican Candidate | Jared Polis Democratic Candidate | Lt. Governor Donna Lynne Democratic Candidate. Click on image above or click here for the rest of the Story. Marcus Giavanni

Who is Running for Florida Governor in 2018: The Next Florida Governor is ...

Published Nov 18, 2017 4:36 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Governor of Florida 2018 | Who Governor | What Governor | Candidates | Running | Florida’s Governor | Front Runners | Bruce Nathan Republican Candidate | Gwen Graham Democratic Candidate | No way | Wrong Choice | Adam Putnam Republican Candidate | Jack Latvala Republican Candidate | Andrew Gillum Democratic Candidate | Philip Levine Democratic Candidate. Click on image above or click here for the rest of the Story. Marcus Giavanni

Who is Running for Mayor of Denver in 2019: Marcus Giavanni Show The NextMayor 2019 is ...

Published Feb 5, 2018 7:12 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City and County of Denver | 2019 Elections | Who Mayor | What Mayor | Candidates | Running | Denver's Mayor 2019 | Front Runner Underdog Nonpartisan Mayor of denver Marcus Giavanni 2019 | Demcoratic Canidate posing as a nonpartisan Candidate Incumbent Mayor Micahel Hancock for Denver 2019 |  Candidate Kayvan Khalatbari Mayor of Denver 2019 Click on image above or click here for the rest of the Story. #TapTheVote   - Marcus Giavanni

GP7A Attorneys Directory: Cannabis Law Report Sean Hocking Marcus Giavanni Show

Published Feb 16, 2018 5:13 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Phoenix | Arizona | KFNX| Marcus Giavanni Show | Cannabis Law Report | Sean Hocking | City and County of Denver | Colorado 2018

GP7A Attorneys Directory: When is the Cannabis Law Report, who Sean Hocking appearing on the Marcus Giavanni Show? Everything you wanted to know aboutCannabis Law Authority, Cannabis Radio Show KFNX. KFNX News Marcus Giavanni Show Announces Cannabis Radio Phoenix Arizona - Marcus Giavanni

Marcus Giavanni Show: #TimesUpHancock March 3, 2018 Attorney Rober Liechty

Published March 3, 2018 8:00 Am UpDated Published Mar 8, 2018 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | #TimesUpHancock Rally | City and County of Denver Building | Colorado | 

KFNX Phoenix: FCC & Internet Broadcasting presents Marcus Giavanni Show

Published Feb 5, 2018 2:23 PM | Update Published Sep, 2021 5:40 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | City of Phoenix | Arizona | KFNX | Independent Talk 1100 KFNX | AM 1100 | Streaming Live all over the World | Off the Air Till Next Year | Vitruvian Man | VitruvianMan.Net | Why is Madonna Vitruvian Woman | "Happy Birthday Madonna" | Leo - 8-16-19 | Madonna Vitruvian Woman | Next Decade 2020 -2030

Phoenix, Arizona: Timeline Announcement by GP7A News, reports are that KFNX radio station in Phoenix, Arizona. And a FCC and Internet Streaming Broadcasting. The best of both worlds. Independent Talk 1100 KFNX, has reached an agreement with Marcus Giavanni, and the Marcus Giavanni Show producers.  Breaking, trending FSBO Internet Broadcasting, direct from KFNX studio. Marcus Giavanni Show Live in Phoenix, Streaming live in the City and County of Denver, New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Las Vegas. #TapTheVoteMarcus Giavanni



February 2018: We went back on air- We take time off when we want. Keeps everyone guessing. We took time off August 2018

November 4, 2018: We are back Live

Sunday 7 -8 PM - Click on Listen Live

Published Oct 19. 2019 5:04 AM by Marcus Giavanni “54 – LIV” | 2020 54 | GP7A LIV “2020 News” | “About” | 2020 “Super Bowl 54” | 2020 “Super Bowl LIV” 2020 | Fox Sports | “State” Location “Florida” | City “Locations” Miami | Miami Gardens | 2020 “#NFL Stadium” Location | “Hard Rock Stadium” Bowl Games | “Pepsi Halftime Show Jennifer Lopez and Shakira” | #Jlo | #shakira | “New Song” by “Vitruvian MAN” Circus of a Lifetime – “Gonna Go to the Super Bowl” - Album/CD/Downloads | Google Play Music | Spotify | Amazon | Itunes | Gianni Versace Super Bowl 2020 | Credibility Relevance Wisdom

(*continued)Nevertheless, in order for use to know the actions of others. I had to sacrifice myself in order to trigger, content that was embedded and Youtube was not in our business model. What our goal is to index the end results with predetermined content upload as organic content. Our Brands have been tucked away nice and snug. The media better be ready for the Next stock Dump! It’s going to send shock waves through the financial markets. Opening the door for New Media that operates on Knowledge based Trust Algorithms.   The "Good" news; our "Content" is in the "Cloud"! – Marcus Giavanni