District Attorney Carol Chambers Appeared

Mile High Sports Radio in 2010


Marcus Giavanni Show in 2008,  District Attorney Carol chambers, appeared on the Marcus Giavanni Show with of course Host Marcus Giavanni, we are currenetly looking for this lost talk radio episode.


District Attorney Carol Chambers appeared on the Marcus Giavanni Show, (Reelection) when it was broadcasting live on Mile High Sports, then Attorney Carol Chambers was running for District Attorney Arapahoe, Douglas County CO. Attorney Carol Chambers was a very nice women, and she gave awesome interview. The political movers and shakers, doubted that Talk Radio host Marcus Giavanni could even land an Interview with District Attorney Carol Chambers.

Talk Radio Host Marcus Giavanni, always calls the high profile potential guests, and when Marcus Giavanni called District Attorney Carol Chambers. Marcus Giavanni found her to be very sweat women, and gave Marcus Giavanni the interview, he requested.

We are currenly going through hours of programing. So that you will here, this fantastic interview, and the visionary this man is.