Started by Marcus Giavanni Show is dedicated to providing clients with honest and truthful Conversation Blocks. However, simply digging up information and tracking people down doesn't cut it.  A lot more goes into being a respected and sought after Google My Business Developer. And as things go, we are absolutely one of the top in the game; int eh world of IoT!

Over the years we've handled hundreds of cases for law firms, private citizens, and major corporations; getting them the information, and needed evidence. For the new Social Credit System Scores and Rankings from 2014 to 2021.

From Good Information, Bad Inofrmation, to Indifferent Information. Our team has proven we've got the skills and savvy clients need. To protect their Social Indetities. And Don't be an App Whore! And what ever you do. Don't belive in thethose credit apps who want you to down load their apps. They will use it agaisnt you soon! FYI

Chris Salcedo: “Host of the Chris Salcedo Show, and Hashtag Identifiers are chrissalcedo, and Marcus Giavanni. About the Chrissalcedo Show on Newsmax Tv. It’s knowing about the person at #chrissalcedo17. About #newsmasmedia host #salcedostorm, and #salcedostorm on Newsmaxtv.About #newsmaxtv; by @marcusgiavannishow the Host of #marcusgiavannishow; talk radio host on vacation. but still talking about Salsedostorm”.” - Marcus Giavanni @chrissalcedo17 - @chrissalcedoshow -@salcedostorm - About - @marcusgiavannishow - @Salcedo

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