Attorney General John Suthers Appeared

on Mile High Sports Radio in 2010


Marcus Giavanni Show in 2008,  then Attorney General John Suthers, appeared on the Marcus Giavanni Show with of course Host Marcus Giavanni, we are currenetly looking for this lost talk radio episode.


Colorado: Reports from GP7A News in the City and County of Denver, then Attorney General, John Suthers, was a guest on the Marcus Giavanni Show, on Mile High Sports, Attorney John Suthers, interview was welcomed with the audience, now John Suthers is the Mayor of the great city of Colorado Springs, in the beautiful state of Colorado, Mayor John Suthers would make a great Governor, of Colorado, and the Wizard, knows all, tells all that Mayor John Suthers would be the best Candidate, for Governor of Colorado, SEO and SMo Guru Marcus Giavanni the host of the Marcus Giavanni Show is now on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX, live AM Talk Radio, streaming live worldwide on

We are currenly going through hours of programing. So that you will here, this fantastic interview, and the visionary this man is.