Susie Timm Founder Knife and Fork Media Group

Founder, Susie Timm grew up in the land of cow, otherwise known
as Wisconsin, In 1992 she moved to the Valley of the Sun and graduated from high school in Scottsdale and is a proud alumni of
Arizona State University with her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Political Science...Interestingly enough, she started a booming
career as a banker in 2000 and was named the youngest Bank President in Arizona at the age of 27. Susie worked in that industry
until it became “un-fun” in 2009, She found her true passion in the food industry mid-2009 when she co-founded a food events company. That business morphed into the full service PR agency
we are today, Susie and her team manage a marketing portfolio of clients ranging in size and scope from food to entertainment to accounting.

With over fifteen years of experience, her proven marketing, media and sales models have helped grow small and medium-sized
companies all over Arizona and the United States, Susie won numerous achievement awards for her sales skills during her years as a corporate warrior, Additionally, she has been honored as a
member of the Phoenix Business Journal’s “40 under 40,” and “Women Leaders in Business,” the Phoenix New Times’ “100
Tastemakers in Phoenix, ”So Scottsdale’s “24 Powerful Leaders Under 40,” and as a national trendspotter for the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Shows.


Marcus Giavanni Show On May 21,  2016 Susie Timm appered on the Marcus Giavanni Show on the Nosh with Norm, a restaurnat segemnt, where we rank restaurnts, and give away gift certificates from the best, top rated, restarunst in Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix, and more city and states will be coming soon. Marcus Giavanni, and Guest Host Joshua Chernila.


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