Councilman Rafael Espinoza City and County of Denver District 1


Marcus Giavanni Show on March 19, 2016 Councilman Rafael Espinoza, appeared on the Marcus Giavanni Show with of course Marcus Giavanni, and guest Host Joshua Chernila, on Talk Radio format in Phoenix, Arizona,

United States: Reports from Colorado that on Marcus Giavanni Show: March 19, 2016 “Councilman Rafael Espinoza”, appeared on the Marcus Giavanni Show with of course “Marcus Giavanni” and guest Host Joshua Chernila. Marcus Giavanni and some Denver Voters call councilman Rafael Espinoza the "Ninja Turtle" Councilman, who shock up the Denver city council race, by beating the incumbent in City and County of Denver Council District 1 Susan Shepard, Marcus Giavanni told the Candidate Rafael Espinoza during one of his events, that Google+ algorithms had him picked to be the Next City Councilman for District 1 in the city and county of Denver, then candidate Rafael Espinoza did confess that he did not think he could beat the incumbent, I told then Candidate “Rafael Espinoza”, that he would be the next Councilman for district 1, I believe that now councilman Rafael Espinoza will have a difficult time working with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, but once Denver Mayor Michael Hancock finishes his last term, and only then, will binned hands be free to do the right thing for the citizens and business in the city and county of Denver,

City and County of Denver Council District 1 voters where upset with incumbent Susan Shepard, for Incumbent Susan Shepard some say always ruled in favor of the city and county of Denver’s Government, rather that, tilting in favor of “Denver Voters, and its citizens. Remember, Denver Non-voting citizens, who are eligible to vote in Denver elections, don’t complain, be part of the solution, and not part of the problem, just as “Denver Voters” did on election day and Voted for Candidate, and now Councilman Rafael Espinoza.

Remember, this is only his first term, and he beat out the favorite Democrat Incumbent, even though everyone now knows, the city and county of Denver is a Non-Partisan Election process, and no matter the claims “Non-partisan only means, Denver elections Division leaves out Party affiliation, Fortunately, an old Denver City Charter has been found where it is written “Candidates will have to Denounce their Party affiliation” more on that soon,

This is a warning to the leaders of the following departments, non-profits, party affiliation, “Denver Decides”, “Denver TV 8”, “Larry Ambrose”, “Denver INC”, “Inter Neighborhood Cooperation”, League of Women Voters”, (LWV) League of Women Voters Colorado, (LWVC), League of Women Voters Denver”, (LWVD), these groups, employees, and staffers had decided that there would be no “Denver Mayoral Debates or Forums for the office of Mayor of the City and County of Denver,