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Social Credit System: "Social Credit Scores" - "Social Credit Rankings" - "Google+ Law Authority" - "Magagement.Com" 

This in not only 100% Verified, but it has been categorized as such. And the fact, that “Penfield Tate III” has no clue about the Internet, and the “Social Credit System Scores and Rankings” Pen, you need to realize you are going to lose a lot of authority”.” And your credibility, relevance, as a practicing “Attorney”.” And it is showing all over the World Wide Web. I don’t need to be Mayor to do my job. And the next time you take a potential client and steal his content. Then tall everyone, you’re the man for mayor of Denver. Don’t do it, you look STUPID, and OUTDATED! Donors beware!


Did you know “Michael Hancock” Mayor of Denver is seeking a 3rd Term Candidate. As Denver’s Next Mayor for the “2019 Denver Mayoral Race”. “ Mayor Hancock” filed to run for Denver Mayor on October 15, 2018, the same day “Candidate Lisa Calderon Attorney” or “#lisa4Denver” mayor filed to run for “Denver Mayor 2019” on October 15, 2018. Denver Voters call “Lisa Calderon” the Shadow Candidate. Because it appears, Lisa Calderon is using content or data to build her campaign? Just like… “Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Equity and Lisa Calderon Equity”. And "Denver (Municipal Elections) 2019".


"The Social Credit System should launch in "China 2020" and 90% of the World and their #leaders, and the citizens they rule. Have no clue what is about to happen". And the other 10% that do know, and they planted there Social Credit Seedling 10 years ago, and officially 2014"."


The question is are you and your city prepared, for the "Internet is a Tyrannical Beast that Feeds on the Emotions and Habits of Humans".


- Marcus Giavanni "Iron Fist" don't get bent! Get Denver!

"Kutak Rock LLP 1801 California Street". Michael Hancock - Mayor of Denver - - Former State Senator Outdated Penfield Tate III. “Penfield Tate Mayor of Denver” in 2019. Is not going to happen, and if you know how to read Algorithms, you will learn as we did. “Penfield Tate is an Outdated Politician”.