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Published March 3, 2018 8:00 Am By Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | #TimesUpHancock | City and County of Denver | Michael Hancock | What's Up Brother???

#TimesUpHancock Marcus Giavanni Show March 3, 2018 KFNX


City and County of Denver - #TimesUpHancock rally, what a spectacle. Times Up Hancock. They have it all wrong. Watching the same old, same old, song and dance. With the same old, same old, PEOPLE. Denver Voters' are not buying the players. Involved with he entire political system, from the media to the politicians. A wake-up call went out to everyone the day President Trump was elected.

Anyway, I woke up today (March 7), very excited, and ready to take my children to school Yes, I take my children to school, and pick them up. Well, today, my son was sick. And everything I thought was going to happen. Did not Happen as planned. But I carried on, went to the “Time’s Up Hancock” rally on the steps of the City and County of Denver Building. The City and County of Denver Building with a typo, City and Covnty of Denver.

Anyway, I arrived late, so late everyone was leaving. The very low turn out event. With none other than Kayvan Khalatbari steeling the lime light. As, if anyone outside his circles, really give a hoot what he thinks. Who paid for that banner??? That could have feed some homeless??? I even asked on of the Occupy Denver.

Me: “Do you know what the Aristocrat hotel is???

Occupy Denver: No, I don’t have no need to know what that is. I’m way to busy, to even talk to you”.”

He was on a misson, indeed!

As I made my way through the crowd I met some journalist I knew and did not know. And just like clockwork. Their bosses have a different view of democracy, and their candidates that run for office. These candidates must make a deal with the Devil. And were the red Prada shoes!

Since 2011, an underground movement started to coral up the fake news, bias news. Now, when a partisan media, in a nonpartisan town. eeps the partisan democratic conversation and monopoly. It’s only when Google Authorship, and Google Authority over Subject Matters comes into play.

The idea of a Blah Hat Negative vs White Hat Positive. And until know. Only Marcus Giavanni knows the binary code. To make it simpler think of Google Images, or any Image, on nay browsers. To make these to internet forces. Battle for the first pages of all Internet Browsers Organic Search Results.

If you take Yahoo Browser, and if every time you used Yahoo Browser. And the information you are searching for is not there. Instead it’s fake, bias, misleading, down trodden content. That lives off the conversation of HATE, KILL, DESTROY!!! – Robot, 2018) Crush, Kill Destroy, Lost In Space Episode Revolt of the Androids).

What did Jesus mean by "you will know them by their fruit?" |

1. May 1, 2017 - You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?So every good tree bearsgood fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down ...Welcome to the 21st Century “Android Mentality” that is built one end-user at a time. Crating a Block chain of Conversations. In that, once it is all connected. It will bring Innovation Love and Peace to a badly tarnished, city and county of Denver, Colorado. And the 54 years, of a partisan party takeover of the government of the city and county of Denver. And the experts may think I stand alone. But 8,033 voters. Want the Iron Fist, that talks softly, and cares two num-chuks’, and will use the power of the citizens of the City and County of Denver, Colorado 80202.

#TimesUpHancock Continued

To let everyone, sit at the dinner table with the Mayor of the city and county of Denver. It was the Denver Broncos, Payton Manning and the Fans who won the Super Bowl! Not the City Council nor the Mayor. In some of leadership, and their supervisors, have created themselves nice little nest eggs for themselves off the backs of naive, lovable, huggable Denver Citizens. 

The prosperous Denver International Hub 2019. The cause and effect, even my three children know, if they don’t get an education, and get the best paying to live, work, and play. Smarter, not harder. Then they will have to move to a Denver Metro Area City. And being Denver is only 150 square miles; of which 50 square miles is DIA.

Only the top pages of Google. Which could go to 20. out on every smart device owned by every man, women, child, friend, neighbor, bosses, and companies, corporations, nonprofits. "...You are being indexed. By Voice, Cross Talk Conversations, Texts, Emails, and Locations. The fruit you bear with these entry points into the World Wide Web. Is what your Future will look like on the Internet by Marcus Giavanni"."

Now, think Google! Ask Google is the #1 Voice Activated Search Engine. The Plat form that has been slowly introduced into the world. Is Bad Ass! 2,000 video Library, with voice activated seo for future conversations, leading to Top Organic search results. These Published 1st Level Titled Authority HD Videos can go 10x in sub-subject matter per title. 

My job is to confront those who say they can do things. But they really can't. And it’s easy to look at images. General Utility Non-Theorizing Geo Political & Geo Financial Platforms Knows as “G-Unit”. Shhhh! 

To have credibility, relevance and wisdom enough to know on the World Wide Web. You better be able to handle the Good, Bad, or Indifference of what people say about you. And remember 2/3 of all people will Hate and Destroy You no matter how hard your try to show love. The vortex of the Black Hat Abyss is waiting for all those Black Hat Negative content. 

The Good News, all media can save themselves. And those who don’t there is an author or journalist that will “Carpe Diem”. All new nonpartisan News sources will replace those who can’t see the Algorithm changes.  “When you have a person with no high school diploma. And is kicking ass on all your degrees. 

This tells you all in Professional Journalism. YOU HAD BETTER CHECK YOURSELVES, BEFOR YOU ALL, WRECK YOURSELVES” – Marcus Giavanni, Fluke

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Michael #TimesUpHancock:  #TimesUpHancock, live March 3, 2018 on the Marcus Giavanni Show. 

Published March 8, 2018 7:18 Am by Marcus Giavanni Show | GP7A News | Denver Mayor Michael Hancock | #TimesUpHancock | Attorney Robert Liechty | KFNX 2018

On Saturday, March 3, 2018 the Marcus Giavanni SHow talked about Workplace harrasment. Producer StevO. Reched out to a few attorneys who we beived where top noche attorneys. and though they may be in their circles, rightly so. but On Google they all tok a rnking hit.

Yhere where some who contect back, and aid they had palns, and lets talk. Others ingoneed us copletly. For wehat ever reason, we did not get any responce form certina law firms. 

However, the firm Hamilton Faatz Pc, Attorney Robert Liechty. Not only took the call; Robert Liechty, also agreed to appeared on the Marcus Giavanni Show on Saturday Marc 3, 2018 at 8:00 Am. Though the Marcus Giavanni Show usual time is 11:00 Am Mountian Time, and on March 17, 2018. The Marcus Giavanni Show will Steream at 12:00 Pm Denver time. 

What is Times Up Hanockor #TimesUpHanock? Show, live March 3, 2018 KFNX, #TaptheVote, Times Up Hancock, Rally city building, #TimesUpHancock Denver Mayor 2018. Who Michael #TimesUpHancock, will be #TimesUpHancock Mayor of Denver, when is Times Up Hancock on Marcus Giavanni Show, #TimesUpHancock Show live on March 3, 2018 KFNX, #TaptheVote, Times Up Hancock, Rally city county building.

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