Chef/Owner Troy guard of Tag Restaurant

Artopia 2016

On 2.20.2016 Marcus Giavanni attended "Artopia" with V.I.P. Tickets to this  awe-inspiring, art, culture and fashion event brought ot you by Westword.

"I meet Editor Patricia Calhoun, Westword  and the producers of the 2016 Artopia Event. She was so happy, it brought out an unexpected prettyness about her. This was the first time I met her, and the room was full of Love. The Chef they had cater the event  I mett a representive of Tag-Restaurants, who then I met Chef Troy the day of his personl interest interview, on the Marcus Giavanni Show. 

Chef Troy is a remarable Chef, and a man on a quest to prpare, service the freshest eats in the World!

Guard and Grace Tour

Art Galleries located in the city and County of Denver

Marcus Giavanni Show On February 27, 2016 Chef Troy, appeared on the Marcus Giavanni Show with of course Marcus Giavanni, and guest Host Joshua Chernila, and Chris the CFO for Tag-Restaurants.


At TAG, Larimer Square's distinctive dining destination, Chef/Owner Troy Guarduses fresh local ingredients to offer a cross-cultural culinary adventure. Guard'™s playful cuisine, described as Continental Social Food, melds classic and contemporary styles in a chic urban atmosphere to inspire a sense of community among friends. This philosophy influences every aspect of the TAG experience from Guard€™s innovative menu to the exceptional wine list and handcrafted cocktails.

But what is Continental Social Food?

TAG€™s unique cuisine can be described as a culinary journey food that is unconstrained by national boundaries. Drawing from Chef Guard's Hawaiian upbringing and his travels in Asia and Latin America, TAG€™'s menu offers a harmonious marriage of local ingredients and international inspiration. From the open concept kitchen and chef€™s counter seats, to the vibrant ten-seat bar, interactive dining spaces and easily share able dishes, the TAG experience is dedicated to eating good food with good friends.

Click on Image above and see Tag-Restaurnat your self there is 9.